Sirius Black.

A seventh year Gryffindor.
More than likely slept with you, or thought about it.

A mischievous, mendacious, marauding, marvellous mind, quick off the mark but slow out of bed, he'd rather duel you than spend five minutes listening to your intolerable drabble.

If you can get over the fact that Sirius Black is a bit of an idiot in the line of tact, then you'll find that, underneath, he's nothing but a marshmallow. Not for eating. Or hugging. But he'll stick by you, you'd be hard pushed to find a more loyal friend.

You'll find him causing havoc, trying out a new spell, treating wounds sustained from said spell, in detention, or in the dorm room smoking a cigarette, not because he likes them, but because they're there.

James, Remus, Peter are his brothers in every sense of the word. Well...perhaps not Remus seeing as... Yes.

@James And Lily

Sirius made his way through the great hall and forced his way in between James and Lily to sit on the bench. They’d been holding hands and giggling, of all things. Sirius grinned and leant on the table, wagging his eyebrows at the two. “Hello Head boy. hello Head girl. Isn’t this cosy.” He turned to James. “Missed you on the train…you know Peter ditched me and Moony for a girl. A girl." He shook his head and turned to ruffle Lily’s hair. "You’re looking gorgeous as usual Evans. The badge suits you." He winked at her and sighed happily. In truth, though he’d enjoyed his time at the Lupin cottage immensely, being back home and having spent the entire journey with Remus had put him in an extremely good mood. He glanced at James and picked at the roast potato still left on his plate. "Sorry I didn’t write more over the Summer… Remus’ dad was using his owl pretty much everyday and I spent most of my time…uh..with a big black dog that was constantly around." He pulled a face. He still smelt a little like Padfoot. "Missed not seeing you all Summer, " he gave Lily a side glance, "Though I’m sure you made up for having a room to yourselves…" He chuckled wickedly and helped himself to the rest of James’ pumpkin juice. 

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    Sirius chuckled at Lily. “No. I’m a scaredy cat.” he turned to James, “Sorry mate, really. Shoulda quit while we were...
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    James blushed slightly. He figured Sirius would know, but he didn’t have to be so vocal about it, in the Great Hall no...
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    "James, please, calm down. You seemed off and we were just joking. You know I love you. I love Sirius too, not like that...